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What can you expect?

We give you freedom, challenge and progressive colleagues who work with you in a team. You research (web-) applications and infrastructures of customers. You will analyze the results that emerge from these studies and based on this research, you write recommendations for our customers. You discuss the vulnerabilities found with the team and, if necessary, incorporate them in the report. During testing, you often work together with project management, customers and colleagues.

Pentesting and auditing (web-) applications and infrastructures is done with a hacker mindset and you are familiar with terms such as, Red teaming, penetrationtesting, development and capture the flag. You have experience with common vulnerabilities such as sql injections and csrf.

What are your qualities?

    • You have HBO / WO work and thinking level in a technical direction
    • You are a real security specialist.
    • You like getting to the bottom of topics
    • You know what we mean by vulnerabilities such as cross-site request forgery.
    • You have the hacker mindset and recognizing functionalities/techniques in (web-) applications is a piece of cake for you.
    • Experience with Python is a must have
    • You can understand how an application works by analyzing source code

    We look forward to receiving your information!


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