Honeypot sensor platform

The question

This special customer is already at the forefront of cyber security. Within the company, a team of people assesses every day whether the cyber security can be improved. Nevertheless, despite all these efforts, the customer sees a major residual risk concerning the big staff and incoming traffic. Is there anything you can do about that?


Our Honeypot sensor platform offers a solution in this case. We start with an extensive 'Grey-Box' penetration test to create a 0-line, and to make sure there are no serious leaks or 'back doors' present. We find a number of areas for improvement that we pick up quickly. Then, within half a day, we roll out 25 virtual sensors over different locations and in various crucial vLAN's.


Because all alerting has been transferred by us to the central SIEM, the customer now has our functionalities easily accessible in their own dashboard and our Honeypot platform will catch a significant amount of residual risk.

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