DeepBlue helps companies with consultancy. From urgent issues such as a data breach to cyber forensics and assessments for an internal and external risk analysis and strategy.


Incident response

The following happens: there is ransomware in your network and you want someone to come and help immediately. For example, to prevent damage to the rest of your business. DeepBlue provides professional advice and acts quickly and appropriately in all cyber security incidents.

Our consultants advise in determining the strategy and drawing up action-oriented plans. We make it possible to make responsible choices and make the right investments. DeepBlue consultants help solve strategic issues in the field of cyber security.


Cyber forensics

Rogue activities or digital attacks on your IT network can have very damaging consequences for your business. It is therefore understandable that in such a situation that you want to find out what happened and who is responsible for the incident. DeepBlue specialists possess profound knowledge in the field of cyber forensics. They will find out what happened and how it happened.

Cyber forensics analyzes information about suspicious behaviors, such as proxy and mail server log information and workstations. For example, it can be traced that an incident was caused by an angry ex-employee. Domain names or email addresses linked to rogue behavior are recorded in a comprehensive report. You can use this report when it comes to a possible lawsuit.


Merger or acquisition (M&A) assessments

Mergers and Acquisitions (Risk) assessments are crucial in the acquisition or merger of companies. A merger or acquisition assessment is an analytical inventory of the risks involved in your proposed acquisition or merger. What is the network status of the party to be taken over and is synergy achievable? Could the other party's software be used, or merged with your company's? In the event of an acquisition, it is essential that cyber security risks are solved as early in the process as possible. This can be done with an M&A assessment by DeepBlue.

With the help of our merger or acquisition assessment, we identify risks and assess the potential impact. Not only from a technical perspective, but also investigate the possible impact at the company level. We look at cyber threats, vulnerabilities and associated business risks and provide tools regarding any necessary security measures. With this, DeepBlue provides your company with valuable insights into the decisions you can make regarding investments and acquisitions. We offer the analysis in understandable language, so that correct decisions can be made.


Risk assessments

A risk assessment or risk analysis is the first step in the risk management process. The purpose of a risk assessment is to determine how risks can be controlled or reduced to an acceptable level. Because risk assessments also carry out a cost-benefit analysis, they also provide guidance on the business and financial effects of a security threat. This makes risk assessments valuable to every company.

DeepBlue maps all systems, analyses their coherence and determines where the most and/or greatest risks are. For example: What is needed and what can you do in the event of a calamity such as a data breach or hack. This can prevent high costs and consequential damage from a broken system.

A DeepBlue risk assessment gives your company insight in potential cyber risks

Graphs - Consultancy


Prevent, reduce or minimize the likelihood of a cyber threat


Detecting the potential damage to the likelihood of a cyber threat occurring


Limiting the damage when a cyber threat occurs


Activating measures to -partly- reverse the harmful effect of a cyber threat


Without additional measures, accepting the likelihood and potential consequences of a cyber threat


Transferring finances through insurance or transferring operationally through outsourcing

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