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Our Intelligence feed protects your business from external cyber threats and risks. By collecting data and thoroughly analyzing it, we clearly map out the options you have to keep your company’s cyber security at the highest level.


The self-developed DeepBlue Honeypot sensor platform protects your data from hackers from within the core of your network. With virtual or physical sensors, we detect data traffic that doesn't belong in your network. Completely passive and without false alerts.


 A trap is data that seems interesting to an attacker but in reality is not. As soon as a hacker obtains a (trap) document and opens it, you will receive a notification. A trap can thus be used as a detection tool to detect advanced cyber attacks.

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Telegram monitoring can be especially valuable if you are responsible for an organization's cybersecurity, intellectual property, or brand protection. DeepBlue monitors and analyzes Telegram data in real time and continuously looks for new
groups and threat factors.

VPN Detection

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. People use a VPN to surf anonymously, because a VPN hides the IP address of the device that is connected to the internet. The internet traffic goes through the server of the VPN provider.

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