Lately threat actors have been switching from the dark web to Telegram. One of the reasons for this is that several 'dark web forums' have been taken off the air bygovernments. With fewer marketplaces to offer their goods and services, online criminals were forced to look for new platforms to keep in touch with their customers.

Telegram is an easy-to-use chat app similar to WhatsApp, but Telegram offers more privacy because users can choose to hide their phone number. Within Telegram it is easy for users to get into groups and see what is happening there.

An added benefit of the shift to Telegram is that this application is relatively easy to monitor for illegal activity. Real-time monitoring of various (public) groups can help organizations quickly detect data breaches or malicious campaigns. By knowing where and in what context your organization is listed on Telegram, we at DeepBlue can take adequate and timely countermeasures for your organization

Telegram monitoring by DeepBlue

Telegram monitoring can be especially valuable if you are responsible for an organization's cybersecurity, intellectual property, or brand protection. DeepBlue monitors and analyzes Telegram data in real time and continuously looks for new
groups and threat actors

What started as an initial test has grown into a database of 94,657,033 users and 2,085,573 channels and groups. The number of messages, as well as channels and groups fluctuates due to the removal of false information and the ever-changing influx of data. For example, the total number of posts currently under the "Hacking" category is 126,500,893, while for "Politics" (alternative politics) that is 25,454,742.

We also have a prototype module that allows users to search for content within more than 780 cybercrime forums. Feel free to ask for more information about your specific interest categories.

Our Telegram monitoring tool aims to give you an overview of what is happening on Telegram and its potential impact on organizations. The practical value is in real-time monitoring of relevant messages.


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