The DeepBlue Honeypot acts as an internal infrared alarm system. When hackers or malicious software enter your business despite other security measures, the DeepBlue Honeypot ensures that they don't run off with your data.



The DeepBlue Honeypot recognizes any malicious and wrong data traffic in your network, but only where it is really needed. This is due to the intelligent way in which the system was developed. The system consists of 2 parts, namely: the sensor(s) and the DeepBlue Dashboard. Sensor(s) are easy to implement in your network and we set up the DeepBlue Dashboard for you. After that, you almost don't have to worry about it anymore.


Virtual and physical sensors

By definition, all data traffic to the virtual and or physical sensors is malicious traffic and the sensors generate an alert in real-time when they detect it. Since the DeepBlue Honeypot is unobtrusive in your network and is not linked to other devices, it will not generate false alerts. When our sensor gives an alert, you can be sure that you need to take action. As a result, there is no risk of 'conditioning'. An alert is really an alert. The DeepBlue Honeypot has a very low maintenance and network administration load.


Without disruption

Since our sensors are passive, they do not collect and read data and because our solution is not 'inline', it also does not create any noise in your network. Our sensors will pose as different devices that fit into your network environment. By default, the sensor can switch between about twenty included templates such as different servers, workstations, NAS or VoIP telephony devices, but you can also create your own template. As a result, the sensor remains unobtrusive in your network and does not disturb the network in any way.


Accessible innovation

The DeepBlue Honeypot was conceived, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands by ourselves. We will continue to secure your network where 99% of the remaining providers cease. The DeepBlue Honeypot is suitable for both SMBs and Multinationals. Although the DeepBlue Honeypot is a complex product in terms of technology, the system is very user-friendly and also easy to install and maintain. Because of the multi-tenant architecture, companies can easily manage sensors across multiple locations.

The DeepBlue Honeypot is integrated with your existing SIEM solution. The DeepBlue Honeypot is also GDPR compliant. The DeepBlue Honeypot captures a significant residual risk and is the perfect complement to your IT security. It indicates that your company is doing everything it can to prevent data leakage.


With the DeepBlue Honeypot sensor platform, we carefully protect your network, deliver valuable information and understandable reports that keep you in control of your own data.

  • Protects exactly where necessary
  • Guarantees your privacy
  • Easily scalable
  • Passive system
  • Without false positives alerts
  • SIEM integratable
  • GDPR compatible
  • Not vulnerable for Zero Day exploits
  • Not dependent on external inputs such as threat intelligence
  • Alerting by email or SMS
  • Extended dashboard with various templates
  • Internal 'private dashboard' available
  • Fits well for MSPs
  • Includes clear reporting (compliance)
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