Fusie of overname (M&A) assessments

Mergers and Acquisitions (Risk) assessments are crucial in the acquisition or merger of companies. A merger or acquisition assessment is an analytical inventory of the risks involved in your proposed acquisition or merger. What is the network status of the party to be taken over and is synergy achievable? Could the other party's software be used, or merged with your company's? In the event of an acquisition, it is essential that cyber security risks are solved as early in the process as possible. This can be done with an M&A assessment by DeepBlue.

With the help of our merger or acquisition assessment, we identify risks and assess the potential impact. Not only from a technical perspective, but also investigate the possible impact at the company level. We look at cyber threats, vulnerabilities and associated business risks and provide tools regarding any necessary security measures. With this, DeepBlue provides your company with valuable insights into the decisions you can make regarding investments and acquisitions. We offer the analysis in understandable language, so that correct decisions can be made.


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