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It is becoming more and more important to keep a tight grip on your data. Online attacks and intrusions can come from many directions and are ever evolving. The DeepBlue cyber intelligence platform provides your company with the relevant and specific information that will help protect it from current and future cyber threats. We are experts in cyber security and have gained extensive experience working on the frontline of the cyber domain. Based on the knowledge and experience gained defending large public and private organizations, we have created a real-time data feed that will enable our customers to identify and stop attackers and enrich alerts with state-of-the-art background information.

Cyber intelligence platform

DeepBlue has developed a cyber intelligence platform which gathers information from various sources on the internet and the dark web. By combining and normalizing this data, we are able to provide a clear perspective on the current threats within the cyber domain. Through our dashboard and application programming interface (API) our customers are able to consult and use our data to detect and mitigate cyber attacks. It also enables them to gain extensive background information on an alert when it is triggered.

What are the advantages of a cyber intelligence platform?

In addition to being able to proactively deal with threats and prevent damage with our platform, our platform offers even more benefits:

    • It can greatly enrich security alerts.
    • It can increase the efficiency of your incident response.
    • It offers the possibility to search a large selection of cyber information sources through a single interface.
    • Our platform can also actively scan your internet connected infrastructure.
    • You will receive an alert when someone creates a website or social media account similar to yours.
    • It is possible to track and detect malwares distributed in campaigns, so they can act pro-actively on real-time threats.

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