Offense is the best defence

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Ethical hacking & penetration tests

When it comes to hacking, one often thinks in the first instance of an unwanted intrusion into computer systems, but hacking can also be implemented in a beneficial way. An ‘ethical hacker’ can detect and fix security problems in your system, server, network, or applications and thus be one step ahead of the criminal hacker or a virus.

Penetration test

A form of ethical hacking is the penetration test (also known as a pentest), in which computer systems are tested for vulnerabilities. During the penetration test, weaknesses in a system are identified and it is investigated whether these weaknesses can make a system accessible to unwanted intruders. Based on the findings, improvements can be made to the security system. A penetration test is therefore a very useful method to keep hackers and viruses out.

Types of penetration tests

There are various types of penetration tests. The differences between the tests are based on how much information and knowledge the ethical hacker receives in advance. For example, in a black-box test, the tester receives virtually no information about the system, whereas in a white-box test, the hacker is given information about all the aspects of a system. A grey-box test is in between: the tester receives partial information, such as certain passwords. Finally, there is also the crystal-box and the time-box or budget-box test. With the latter, the duration of the test is determined by a predetermined time or by a budget. With the crystal-box, the ethical hacker also has access to source codes and configuration options. Which penetration test is most suitable for your situation depends on which information you want to get to the surface.

Extra security with a Honeypot

In the unlikely event of a ‘leak’ in your network despite an extensive penetration test, the DeepBlue Honeypot offers a perfect extra line of defense. The DeepBlue Honeypot detects intruders immediately and gives you a real-time warning so that immediate action can be taken. Other antispam and antivirus solutions sometimes detect attacks (too) late, giving hackers or viruses a chance to make their move. The DeepBlue Honeypot prevents this from happening and prevents further damage. By testing your computer systems and deploying one or more advanced DeepBlue Honeypots, you can secure your systems in an optimal way.

DeepBlue Security & Intelligence is a cybersecurity specialist that stands for quality and trust. We provide all the necessary services to get and keep your security in order. Think for example of penetration testing, threat intelligence, detection software and consultancy. Should you unexpectedly become a victim of cybercrime, our forensic and network specialists can help you with taking the necessary steps.

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