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Cyber security has many similarities with insurance. The money an organization invests or spends on cyber security seems unnecessary as long as nothing happens, but organizations should realize that only one cyber incident can easily cost them many times the cost of cyber security measures. The damage for cyber related incidents in the Netherlands alone is being estimated at € 10 billion for 2016.

Cyber criminals, digital spies and hackers form a serious threat to your organization. Customers and employees must be able to use your digital environment and leave personal information safely. If something goes wrong in this process your organization will lose the customers trust and will suffer damage to its reputation; and according to new EU guidelines as of 1st of January 2016, will risk a penalty of up to 10% of your organization's yearly turnover up to a maximum of € 810.000. There are numerous examples of companies who have already been fined for infringement of privacy. As of 1st of January 2016, there will also be a new law that obligates companies to report data leaks when personal information has been leaked.

What can we do for you?

Honeypot Server Solution

Our passive Honeypot server solution lets you detect a hack or intrusion in your company’s network. When detected you will be able to prevent your company’s (core-) data from being taken and used, by responding with proper measures. Our tool has a user friendly interface, is passive, and uses no bandwidth nor will it collect and / or store any data. Our tool can also be perfectly integrated into your cloud solution.

Penetration Testing

Is your core data safe? By testing and / or attacking your own network environment and peripherals we can expose your weak spots so that you will be able to repair leaks and create a safe way of storing and working with your core data. All our findings will be presented in a recapitulatory report.

Social Engineering

“The chain is only as strong as the weakest link”. It isn’t always something from outside of your company that is trying to penetrate into your company’s data. We can advise, test and educate your company’s personnel.

Digital Forensics

…or Data Recovery is identifying, preserving, recovering and / or analyzing digital data. These methods can be used for many purposes. Mainly used to collect and analyse as much data as one can find, to determine who or what has entered or hacked your company’s network and what their purposes were.


“How can we….?”, “How do we….?”, “What should we….?” all of these and many other questions we have heard numerous times. We will gladly assist with answering your cyber security or intelligence related questions and managing the outcome in a constructive and long-lasting way.


Is short for collecting and analyzing data from our “internet security” sector. We are up-to-date and fully-versed in the latest developments.

DeepBlue Security & Intelligence

DeepBlue security & intelligence is a young company which specializes in internet security and intelligence. We also offer security awareness, forensics, consultancy and many other aspects of the information security spectrum and we only work with highly compatible, certified and screened, security specialists and programmers.

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