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Honeypot sensor platform

The self-developed DeepBlue Honeypot sensor platform protects your data from hackers from within the core of your network. With virtual or physical sensors, we detect data traffic that doesn't belong in your network. Completely passive and without false alerts.

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Our Intelligence feed protects your business from external cyber threats and risks. By collecting data and thoroughly analyzing it, we clearly map out the options you have to keep your company’s cyber security at the highest level.

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With a penetration test, you gain insight into how digitally secure your business really is. According to a specific methodology and using software and expertise, our certified Ethical Hackers go through multiple phases and provide a high-quality penetration test report that provides you with actionable information.

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DeepBlue advises on location and remotely for every cyber security issue. Think of issues such as:

About DeepBlue Security & Intelligence




Our team consists of experienced specialists with extensive knowledge.



We work with highly intelligent methods and products.



We take cyber security seriously and with it your data.



We protect your data without reading or collecting it.

All customer experiences are unique

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Simulated cyber-attack

For a large financial services provider from Amsterdam, we secretly carried out a simulated cyber attack.

Continuity assessment

For a globally active logistics company - based in Maasvlakte Rotterdam, we carried out a very comprehensive business continuity assessment.

Honeypot sensor platform

For our customer, active in the commodities trade with multiple offices in Europe and globally operational, we are carried out a security upgrade.

Email fraud

For our client active in the rental of large equipment in Benelux we carried out a cyber forensic investigation. The case concerned abuse of multiple mail accounts.


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