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Performing a penetration test is essential for your company's security as it helps identify vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of security measures, and uncover potential weaknesses before malicious actors exploit them. It allows you to proactively strengthen your defenses and safeguard critical assets.

Penetration testing process in 6 steps:

01 - Planning: Define objectives, scope, and rules.

Define the scope, objectives, and rules of engagement for the pentest. Identify the target systems, applications, and network segments to be tested. Obtain necessary permissions and documentation from stakeholders.

02 - Reconnaissance: Gather target information.

Gather information about the target environment, such as IP addresses, network infrastructure, publicly available data, and system configurations. This helps identify potential vulnerabilities and weak points that can be exploited.

03 - Vulnerability Scanning: Identify weaknesses.

Utilize automated tools to scan the target network or systems for known vulnerabilities. These tools identify security loopholes, outdated software, weak configurations, or misconfigurations that could be exploited by attackers.

04 - Exploitation: Attempt to breach security.

Once vulnerabilities are identified, ethical hackers attempt to exploit them, simulating real-world attacks. They may use various techniques, such as social engineering, phishing, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to systems, to validate the severity of the vulnerabilities.

05 - Reporting: Document findings and recommend fixes.

Document and report the findings of the penetration test, including the vulnerabilities discovered, exploitation success rates, and potential impact. Provide recommendations for remediation and improving security posture. Share the report with relevant stakeholders to initiate necessary actions and enhance the overall security of the organization.

06 - Retest.

Our penetration test services are supplied as standard with a retest in which we check whether all found vulnerabilities have been technically resolved properly.


Elevate your cybersecurity without the financial burden of an in-house team. Our monthly flat-rate service grants you immediate access to a diversified array of specialists, ensuring comprehensive security coverage tailored to your needs. Our service bundle includes penetration testing for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, cyber forensics for tracing breaches and malicious activity, and rapid incident response to mitigate damage and secure your assets. If you require extended services beyond the agreed monthly scope, we offer those at a reduced fee. You're not just acquiring isolated services; you're gaining a proactive, multi-disciplinary cybersecurity team that seamlessly integrates with your operations. Trust us to be your turnkey solution for all things cyber security related, so you can focus on what you do best.


Secure your business operations with our specialized Incident Response services, designed explicitly for medium to large enterprises. When a cyber incident occurs, time is of the essence. Our expert team is on standby to rapidly identify, contain, and mitigate cybersecurity threats, minimizing both downtime and reputational damage. Leveraging industry-leading tools and methodologies, we don't just react to incidents; we also provide a post-incident analysis to fortify your defense mechanisms for the future. With a client base possessing moderate technological know-how, we ensure our communication is clear, direct, and actionable. Consider us as an extension of your in-house team, focused solely on protecting your digital assets, so you can concentrate on what you do best running your business.


Navigating the aftermath of a cybersecurity breach requires specialized expertise to both assess the damage and prevent future incidents. Our cyber forensics service is tailored for medium to large organizations like yours, offering a precise, comprehensive analysis of what transpired during and after a breach or hack. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we trace the origin, impact, and extent of the compromise, helping you understand the 'what,' 'how,' and 'why' of the incident. This not only aids in legal proceedings but also informs better security measures moving forward. Our team collaborates closely with your IT staff, ensuring a cohesive and informed response strategy. Trust us to turn your breach into a learning experience, fortifying your defenses for the future.


Enhance your network security and compliance with our specialized VPN database service. We don't provide VPN connections; we offer something equally invaluable—a comprehensive database of VPN IP addresses. This tool empowers you to recognize VPN traffic in your logs swiftly and accurately, serving multiple purposes. It enables real-time monitoring of remote access activities, helping you identify authorized users and detect unauthorized access attempts. The service improves your ability to track user behavior, supporting your compliance with stringent security policies. Additionally, our database bolsters your defense against network threats by increasing visibility into your network traffic. Designed for medium to large enterprises, our VPN database is the missing piece in your cybersecurity puzzle, ensuring a more secure, transparent, and compliant network environment.


Protect your network intelligently with our specialized Honeypot platform. Designed to serve as decoy systems, our honeypots attract and deceive would-be attackers, offering you invaluable insights into their tactics, motivations, and the vulnerabilities they aim to exploit. Unlike active systems that engage with intruders, our platform is completely passive, waiting to collect data to inform your cybersecurity strategy. We prioritize your privacy—our platform doesn't collect client data but focuses solely on the threat actors attempting to compromise your network. Ideal for medium to large enterprises, our Honeypot service enhances your threat intelligence, enabling you to fortify your defenses proactively. With our platform, turn potential vulnerabilities into powerful learning opportunities, making your network more resilient than ever.

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