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Our mission is to provide fixed-rate cybersecurity solutions in full transparancy, fostering mutual trust and guiding companies through every aspect of cybersecurity, from incident response to implementation. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless cybersecurity journey for our clients.

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Our mission is to provide completely transparent cybersecurity services of very high quality, to ensure mutual trust and to guide our customers in every aspect of cybersecurity. From incident response to pentesting. Our mission is to make our customers resilient and guarantee a seamless cybersecurity process.

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We assist clients in a variety of industries including the: finance, energy, technology, transportation, fabrication, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry as well as municipalities and government.

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Penetration testing

Performing a penetration test is essential for your company's security as it helps identify vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of security measures, and uncover potential weaknesses before malicious actors exploit them. Through a high-quality penetration test you can proactively strengthen your defenses, safeguard critical assets, and create a helpful baseline.

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Security teaming

Have your own Security Team for a fraction of in-house costs. Our custom monthly flat-rate service offers you access to a full team of experts, from penetration testing to incident response. Secure your operations without the overhead, our experts are your on-demand security team.

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Incident response

Engage our incident response specialists to respond quickly and effectively to cyber attacks. We provide expertise to identify, mitigate and remediate threats, keeping your business protected from damage and loss of reputation.

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Cyber forensics

A cyber forensics specialist is needed when investigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents, such as data breaches, network intrusions, or digital crimes. They possess expertise in collecting, analyzing, and preserving digital evidence to determine the cause, extent, and impact of the incident, aiding in legal proceedings, and mitigating future risks.

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VPN detection (IP database)

Recognizing VPN traffic in your logs with extra context helps you detect and prevent attacks at an early stage. User behavior can be closely monitored and it improves visibility and helps protect against network threats.




unieke IP-adressen


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It is very useful to have honeypots in your network because they serve as decoy systems designed to attract and deceive attackers. Our honeypots are user-friendly, completely passive and alert you via SMS or e-mail, but only when it is really necessary. No false positives are generated.

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We are happy to use DeepBlue's all-in-one proposition. Being able to leverage the complete team that covers everything from cyber forensics to penetration testing is a very cost-effective solution for us to secure our digital assets without having an in-house security team.
Amsterdam Tower – Security Teaming
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Because of the fast and accurate response and approach we were able to retrieve very valuable information regarding a data breach that was caused by a malicious actor. Because of the well-drawn up report we had a perfect picture of what had happened so that we immediately could implement new processes to prevent our company from it happening again. Thanks DeepBlue!
P. J.
Healthcare – Cyber forensics
DeepBlue security has helped us to our great satisfaction, the team is always available and provides flexible support. The approach used is contrary, they do not opt for the path of least resistance, which we greatly appreciate.
PLTFRM - Penetration testing

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