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Penetration tests


What we do

It is crucial to perform a pentest, to safeguard the security of your organization. A pentest helps to evaluate the effectivity of your security measures and the uncovering of possible vulnerabilities before these can be exploited by malicious actors. By acting proactively, you can reinforce your defenses and protect your valuable assets.


Quality through experience and certification. Our team offers top quality cybersecurity through a mix of experience and background in government and large organizations, combined with the CCV Pentest Certificate. You are assured of a reliable, effective, tailor-made pen test, tailored to your needs and with the highest standard in digital security.


Penetration testing
process in 6 steps

StEp 1

Planning: define goals, scope and rules

We determine your objectives, scope and rules for the penetration test. Together, we identify the systems, applications and network segments that you wish to test. In addition, the necessary clearances and documentation will be taken care of.

StEp 2

Explore: collect target information

The collection of data regarding the target environment, including IP-addresses, network infrastructure, publicly available information and system configurations. This is essential to identify possible vulnerabilities and weak points that could be abused.

StEp 3

Scanning for vulnerabilities: identifying weaknesses

Scanning the network or the application using automated tools, for known vulnerabilities, like outdated software and weak configurations, to identify security leaks, that could be misused by attackers.

StEp 4

Exploitation: Attempt to breach security

After identifying vulnerabilities, we manually simulate real-world attacks to attempt to gain unauthorized access and validate the severity of the vulnerabilities. Here we distinguish ourselves through our experience and technical knowledge.

StEp 5

Reporting: provide documentation of findings and recommend solutions

Our report documents the findings of the pentest in accordance with at least the ISO 27001 standard.  The report includes a description of the identified vulnerabilities, exploitation success and recommendations for improvement of the security of your network or platform.

StEp 6

Test again

Our penetration testing services include a standard retest to verify that discovered vulnerabilities have been resolved technically correctly. Double checking for complete confidence.

Security teaming

security teaming

What we do

Reinforce your cyber security without the overhead costs of an internal team. This service gives your organization direct access to a versatile team of experts, at a fixed price. As a result, you get extensive security coverage, that is in line with your specific needs. We offer services like penetration tests to identify and limit vulnerabilities, cyber-forensic analysis to trace breaches and malicious activities, and incident response for a quick response to incidents, to minimize the damage and protect your infrastructure.

Do you want more?

You get access to a proactive, multidisciplinary cyber security team that perfectly suits your activities.  We are your cybersecurity partner, and we customize the offered services to your business. Trust us as your complete solution for all your cyber security requirements, so you can keep focusing on your core business. We will fulfill your tailor-made cyber security requirements.


Incident Response

inceident response

What we do

Time is essential in case of a cyber security incident. Our expert team is ready to quickly identify and mitigate cyber threats, so both downtime and reputational damage can be limited to a minimum. 
 From triage to mitigation, we offer support in case of a cyber security incident and we help your organization to recover as quickly as possible.

By using prominent tools and methodologies, not only do we respond to incidents; we also offer a post-incident analysis to strengthen your protection mechanisms for the future.


Protection of your digital assets and prevention of reputational damage. Even if you don’t possess any technical knowledge, we ensure that our communication is clear, direct and aimed at action. We work with your internal IT team to mitigate the incident as fast as possible, so your organization can return to business-as-usual.


Cyber forensic analysis

cyber forensic analysis

What we do

Our cyber forensic service is customized and offers an accurate, extensive analysis of what happened during and after the abuse of your application or network. Using advanced tools and methodologies, we trace the origin, impact and size of the cyber security incident, to help you understand the 'what', 'how' and 'why' of the incident. Not only is this useful during legal proceedings, but it also ensures better security measures in the future.


We specialize in the digital forensic analysis of equipment like PC’s, laptops, servers, mobile devices and virtual environments. Regardless the size or scale of your network or application.

Our team closely collaborates with your (IT-)personnel and thus assures a coherent and informed response strategy. Additionally, our team makes sure that you can use any findings in a court case.


VPN detection

vpn detection
Unique IP Addresses
Days history

What we do

Improve your network security and compliance with regulations, using our specialized VPN-database. With this tool you can quickly and accurately identify VPN-traffic in your logs and use it for various purposes. Our service improves your capacity of tracking user behavior, and it supports compliance with your security policy.

On top of that, our database reinforces your defense against network threats by enlarging the insight in your network traffic. Our VPN-database was designed for medium-sized to large enterprises and is updated daily. This way, you always have a very reliable source to enhance the context of your network traffic and log files.


An extensive database with VPN IP addresses and residential proxies, which is updated daily. The dataset is always up-to-date, so it can be used very accurately in your network monitoring software. You can also use the database to better secure your software platform. For example, you can detect when a potential attacker creates an account on your platform via anonymization software.


Risk Assessment

risk assessment

What we do

It is imperative for organizations to be proactive in identifying and managing potential risks. We understand the complex challenges that organizations are facing in an ever-changing digital landscape. Our Risk Assessment service was designed to help your organization in identifying, evaluating and managing risks in an effective and efficient way.

After thorough analysis of your organization, systems and processes, we closely collaborate with your team to get profound insight in your operational environment, as well as the potential threats that you may be facing. Using advanced tools and methodologies, we perform a detailed assessment of your IT-infrastructure, data management practices and compliance with regulations.


The result is a comprehensive report that identifies all risks and vulnerabilities in your cyber security organization, as well as recommendations for improvements of your overall digital and physical security. Our experts offer practical advice and support you, to help you implement effective risk control strategies and reinforce your cyber security measures.


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